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Oklahoma Federation of Democratic WomenThe Oklahoma Federation of Democratic Women's Clubs is an organization very rich in history and tradition. For over 50 years the OFDW has been uniting women and promoting the Cause of the Oklahoma Democratic Party.  The OFDW continues to be the strongest of the Democratic organizations because of the hard working women of Oklahoma.  Through our organization Democrat women across Oklahoma work to elect Democrats by campaigning, fundraising, and educating others about the candidates and the values Oklahoma Democrats share.  From registering voters, to running for office, the women of the OFDW are working to make Oklahoma a better place for future generations. We offer ongoing training sessions to keep our members educated and to foster new ideas. I think you will find our website full of information about candidates, voting and current Oklahoma issues. Knowledge is power and the OFDW is Empowering for Progress.

Debbie Hogue Downing
State President



OFDWC History

After more than a year of regional and county meetings to research the feasibility of a State Federation, about 200 club women met in Oklahoma City at the old Huckins Hotel on April 10,1965.

Mrs. Annette (Eakin) Tirey was Co-Chair of the party at this time and led the steering committee into this conference.  Although a Federation had been suggested prior to this time, it was Annette who brought these dreams to reality.

At this first meeting 34 Clubs signed the Charter of Federation and the Oklahoma Federation of Democrat Women's Clubs was born.

Mrs. Jane Flood of Chickasha was elected to the first two-year term as State President.  Much of the credit for the subsequent success of the Federation should go to the first year of work under the direction of Jane, Annette and Mrs. Daphfine Shear, who was our National Committee-woman.

We are recognized on the State Central Committee of the Oklahoma Democratic Party.  Our State President is a voting member of that committee and we presently have two seats on the State Convention Committee, which are held by the President and the 1st Vice-President.

We are affiliated with the National Federation of Democrat Women, which was founded in 1972.  Our State President represents the OFDWC at their annual conventions.


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